What’s this Plant?

My turn to ask readers for help this week! I had an email from a reader who wanted to know the name of a plant she had seen in various commercail premises around Cyprus. It’s a fairly ordinary plant but she had seen it in so many places she became curious about it and now wants to but one. Unfortunately she’s not found it in a garden centre or flower shop and the various people she’s asked about it don’t know its name.

The plant is an evergreen houseplant and has erect stems with opposite pairs of disc shaped leaves decreasing in size as they go along the stem. The tallest she’s seen it is about 60cm. It seems to need little attention apart from the odd bit of water and leaf shine.

Can anyone help? If we can find out what it is I think there’ll be a rush on at garden centres and florists such as Cosmea Gardens from people desperate to get hold of a specimen.

I’ll await your replies!!

One Response to What’s this Plant?

  1. great post what looking for something like that since some times !