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Go Flower Crazy

We all know what a great pick me up flowers can be, especially when the recipient is not expecting them and this month, whilst the hot weather is driving many people crazy, why not do some flower crazy things with bouquets and blooms and get double the happy feeling for you and the recipient?

Some years back, our longstanding readers will remember me recounting how a friend of mine, for a dare, dressed up in a tux, hired a nice car for the day, popped into the local florists and bought thirty red roses. Armed and ready, he then toured the streets for candidates to give a rose to.

Foolishly accompanying him on his quest to get arrested, I initially cringed but then saw the surprise and often, joy, on the faces of those he ran up to, presenting them with the single red rose accompanied by a brief comment on their beauty, their attire or their smile before leaping back in the car and driving off. What the ladies must have though remains a mystery but it will certainly have given them something to tell their friends and family that evening and it confirmed that he was definitely ‘flower crazy’.

You needn’t be quite as mad with flowers but another way to do good with flowers is to think of whether someone has done something good for you recently? If so, consider thanking them with even the smallest of floral gifts and they are more likely to repeat the act for you or someone else. A recent survey noted that the size of the bouquet matters not, just the act of giving flowers is enough.

You could also send a bouquet anonymously to someone but try to be nearby when they receive it so you can see their reaction. They and their friends will have endless fun trying to guess who sent them!

Often people would like to send flowers but the expense of modern day life or their personal financial situation often precludes them from doing so. Ask your friends to nominate someone who really deserves flowers then be magnanimous and send them on their behalf. You could even start a trend and launch your idea on Twitter or Facebook!

If you don’t get flowers very often, buy yourself some flowers and make those in your life who should have bought them, very jealous!

Wickedly, you could buy flowers for someone who really doesn’t deserve them. Studies on praise and rewards show that those who receive the opposite of what they were expecting, especially when it is a nice opposite, consider their behaviour and are more likely to make a positive change.

If you decide to ‘go flower crazy’ with a floral gift this summer, make sure you order them from Cosmea Gardens. You’ll get great value for money as well as very special flowers and they have gifts to suit every pocket. It will cost you from under 20 euros, a small price to pay for the effect your flowers will have. You never know just what will come of your gift but then that’s half the surprise!


Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Woman and cardI had a friend once, a very well meaning friend, who thought he would spread a little cheer and happiness on Valentine’s Day but it turned into a hilarious embarrassment for him but then followed by a heart-warming ending.

To set the scene…

Mike had lots of friends and acquaintances, he was popular at work and through his easy-going manner, got to know a lot about people’s lives. He would often do little things just to pick someone up who was feeling low; perhaps take a little of their work away from them if they were stressed or buy a chocolate bar for someone who needed a sugar lift.

One year it was approaching Valentine’s Day and he struck on a great idea.

The previous summer, he and a friend had spent a mad fortnight on holiday touring in the friend’s little open top sports car. One afternoon, they’d bought a bouquet of roses and driven around the town they were in, stopping by attractive women and giving them a rose. Such was the success of the mission in terms of the smiles they got, he thought he would follow a similar plan for Valentine’s Day.

The first bit of hilarity was when he went into his local card shop and asked if they did boxes of Valentine’s cards. The male shop owner simply winked at him whilst his wife raised an eyebrow and offered to do him a discount of ‘buy two, get a third free’.

Leaving the shop clutching fifteen cards, he set about writing them, personalising them to the person he was sending them to. Now thankfully he didn’t profess undying love for each, simply commenting on what made them special and saying how much that just knowing them, brightened his life.

He took the trouble to send them all to be posted from the town called ‘Love’ in Saskatchewan where his cards would be posted bearing the postmark ‘Love’.

Now the cards had been sent to ladies from many different parts of his life but on Valentine’s Day itself, the first effects of his efforts were to be seen in his office.

Some took a quick peek at the card before tucking it away, others proudly showed it to their colleagues and spent the day with a warm glow inside whilst a very few dismissed it as a prank and threw the card away.

Still, he felt it had been a good thing to do for it had mainly had positive effects.

The hilarity came when two of the recipients guessed it had been him and started subtly, then not so subtly, flirting with him. Needless to say they were not the kind of soul mates he was seeking and spent much of the day, and in fact the next week, trying to avoid them and certainly trying to avoid being alone with them anywhere in the office.

There was a twist to the story though for, after he’d returned from lunch, he found a card on his desk.

Opening it, he found that his plan had been rumbled. The sender had been touched by what he had tried to do and in particular by the card he’d sent her. Instead of signing her name, she’d referred to his comments about her, saying no one had ever taken the time to notice her in the past. Immediately he felt a surge of emotion and realised that, despite the non-serious intentions behind his plans, he has unwittingly discovered someone who loved him and that, in return, he felt just as strongly about.

It probably isn’t too unfair to say ‘the rest is history’ but it shows how a simple act of affection can awaken strong deep feelings of love and attraction.

If you want to brighten the lives of lots of your friends this Valentine’s Day, you could try the same, but for that someone special, why not take advantage of Cosmea Gardens special Valentine’s Day offer and get 10% off any order over 50 euros if you order before Valentine’s Day. Just use the code VALDAY at the checkout to receive your discount. And so the love of your life doesn’t think you’re a cheapskate, we won’t say a word!!


How a Flower Said That True Love Never Dies

I was talking with a group of friends a few days ago and the subject turned to the break up of relationships. One of them had just split from her partner and was in need of comforting words. After a while, Celia, the oldest of us, broke in with a tale that left us open mouthed.

Fifteen years ago she met a man who she thought was going to be the love of her life. They had four blissful years together before things seemed to be going wrong. They seemed to lose their connection with each other and before long she felt that they had drifted so far apart that there was no way back. During a tense meal together in the restaurant where they’d had their first date (I wasn’t sure that it was the best location!!) she told him that it was over between them. He was upset naturally but seemed to accept that it was as much his fault as hers. They divided uo the belongings, she stayed in the apartment and he moved away and she thought that it was all over and she could get on with her life.

That was eleven years ago but every year since, on the anniversary of their first date and the anniversary of the day they split she receives a single flower through the post. Each time the flower is different and strangely each one is posted from a different part of the world. Because of this she has received some very unusual flowers. Now in those eleven years she has had a few new relationships but each one has failed, usually after only a couple of months and she is currently single.

We expected her to say that she had thrown away all the floral gifts she received but it turns out she has had each one preserved and has a plastic crate with a book of pressed flowers and boxes of preserved ones that wouldn’t press. With them she keeps the simple notes that accompany each flower. ‘True love never dies, it finds new ways to bloom’ As we are all very good friends I plucked up the courage to ask whether she is tempted to reply. And this is the saddest part of the story, there’s never an address so even if she wanted to, she couldn’t.

If you send flowers from Cosmea Gardens make sure the recipient knows where you are….otherwise you may never find out what effect they had!


Poetry and Flowers

It’s springtime across the northern hemisphere, maybe sooner for some than others, but there’s a great stirring in nature that tells us better days are here.

Alfred Lord Tennyson once said in his poem ‘Locksley Hall’

In the Spring a livelier iris changes on the burnish’d dove

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.

Then her cheek was pale and thinner than should be for one so young,

And her eyes on all my motions with a mute observance hung.

And I said, “My cousin Amy, speak, and speak the truth to me

Trust me, cousin, all the current of my being sets to thee.”
Now I think that flowers and poetry go together like bread and butter. At this time of year you may be thinking of how good it would be to spend the summer, and hopefully the rest of your life, with someone you love While a beautiful bouquet of flowers will wow your heart’s desire, the clincher will be the poem that accompanies it. It doesn’t matter if you’re not poetically minded, it’s OK to pinch someone else’s idea – it’s the thought that counts! How could a heart not melt reading Juliet’s speech to Romeo…

‘Tis but thy name that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague.
What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a man. O, be some other name!
What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,
Retain that dear perfection which he owes
Without that title. Romeo, doff thy name,
And for that name which is no part of thee
Take all myself.

Poetry speaks of thoughtfulness, sensitivity and romance – it’s no wonder that a recent survey of women who received poems from admirers showed they were 42% more likely to agree to a date than those who didn’t! So if you’re plucking up the courage to ask that special person for a date, order a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Cosmea Gardens to be delivered to her (it has more effect if it’s delivered and in the remote chance the idea fails, you won’t be there to suffer the embarrassment!!) and before placing your order, sit down with some romantic music playing in the background and pen some special words that will melt her heart!


Violets and first dates!

I’m often interested in the folklore surrounding flowers and their origins but sometimes think that it’s a shame when retailers invent stories to sell more of them.

Just before Christmas I was reminded of the true meaning of flowers by a sad event in my family.

My aunt, who was eighty eight years old, died in her sleep. She’d had a good life – yes she’d had ups and downs, but all along she’d had the love and support of her husband of nearly seventy years. Like all couples, they had their share of arguments but what touched me most was that on the day before the funeral her husband decided he wanted a bunch of violets to place in the coffin with her. A strange choice you might think, but, when he told us why, I felt a lump in my throat.

On their first date, back in the spring of 1939, my uncle had just enough money for the cinema but thinking about the beautiful girl he was to spend the evening with made him want to surprise her with a special gift and the obvious choice was flowers. Of course with no spare money to buy them, he was lost. It was then, while walking through the woods in Lower Ochrwyth which lay between him and my aunt’s house, he saw a beautiful carpet of pale purple flowers, growing wild. There were thousands of violets growing there and he picked a small bunch for my aunt.

She used to tell me that whenever she caught the scent of violets, perhaps from someone’s perfume, it instantly brought back the memories of that first evening together.

I’d love to think that an occasion on which I’d bought someone flowers stayed with them for the rest of their lives. Perhaps you’ve experienced that yourself or maybe the next time you buy flowers for someone, you’ll create an everlasting memory.