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15 Exotic Flowers from around the World

The beauty of flowers and their numerous hues make them the best natural gifts in the world. Mother Nature shows its smile through flowers. Any garden or field filled with flowers is a sight to behold. Flowers help us to express many kinds of emotions, no matter what we go through in life. Besides that, flowers also help us relieve stress in intense situations, plus we use them as gifts in many events. Since there are many types of flowers, you need to be very keen when looking for the perfect flowers.

The best place to order and send flowers is from a flower and gift delivery. Cosmea Gardens is among the best gifts and flower delivery in Cyprus. It’s easy to nail it with an impressive gift if you decide to order from us. All our gifts and flowers are unique and perfect to suit any event. We offer all types of flowers, including Thanksgiving flowers and romantic flowers. Although there are numerous different kinds of flowering plants, they have divided into two major groups. They include endemic and exotic flowers.

Flowers that are only grown in a specific geographical area are called endemic. At the same time, those that flourish in all kinds of climates are called exotic flowers. These types of flowers are always handy when you want to brighten someone’s day. Almost all endemic flowers are colorful, beautiful, and have different scents. It means that you can only enjoy endemic flowers if you come from the region where they are grown. Exotic flowers, on the other hand, bloom in any climate. It means that you can use these types of flowers as gifts or decorations in any event. Exotic flowers are loved by many because they adapt to any area and come in many shapes, colors, and sizes.

If you want to impress your guests, exotic flowers will work quite well. Can’t think of any exotic flowers to send to your loved ones? Well, here are some exotic flowers that you are going to find around the world.

1. Tulips Flower

Exotic flower - Tulip Flowers

Those who didn’t have any idea, tulips flowers are members of the lily family, known as Liliaceous. These flowers are the second most famous flowers after roses. Tulip is a Persian word for turban, and tulip flowers have commonly been found in Southern Europe and Central Asia. These flowers have bulbous blooms that are quite adorable; that is why they compete for the neck to neck with roses. Most flowers convey different meanings. When it comes to tulips, if someone sends you a bouquet of these lovely exotic flowers, they are trying to show you perfect love. It also means endurance, abundance, prosperity, or royalty. If you want to drop an impression with these flowers, you can present them in bouquets, bases, boxes, baskets, or branches.

2. Lilies Flowers

Exotic flower - Lilies FlowersCommonly grown in gardens and pots, these flowers are called Lilium or true lilies. In India, lilies flowers are the most ordered flowers, and many florists grow them in greenhouses. It has meant to speed up their growth and bloom. The beauty of lily flowers lies in their wide range of colors. You can find these flowers in orange, white, and yellow. We also have hybrids such as the Trumpet lilies, water lilies, the Asiatic hybrids, American hybrids, blood lily, and flame lily. Even though they do well as standalone bouquets, you can also mix them with other blooms.

3. Gerbera Flowers

Exotic flower - Gerbera Flowers

If you want to convey a celebratory mood, gerbera flowers will do the trick. What makes them perfect for these events are the different bright hues they come in. Gerbera flowers have found in luscious lavender, sunny yellow, white, precious peach, legal red, and neon pink. When you look at the center of blooms, you will see that they all have different colors, plus their petals will also be different. When you look at these flowers, you get that stunning and fun feeling. They make perfect bouquet flowers, in any event, you plan to have. Always order from a reputable flower or gift delivery shop like cosmeagardens, which deals with all manner of flowers and gifts. They come fifth in popularity after roses, tulips, lilies, and carnations. Make the festive season awesome with red and white gerberas, with a few greens.

4. Orchids Flowers

Exotic flower - Orchids Flowers

Orchids flowers add a royal touch in any given event. That is why they have commonly used as flower and cosmetic décor. Orchids are a word derived from “Orchis,” a Greek word for “testicle.” It is due to their underground tubers that look like testicles. Orchids were first grown by the Chinese, and they did this for more than 3000 years. These flowers were later taken to Europe by explorers in the 1600s. As the 19th century began, people started growing hybrid orchids. These exotic flowers come in yellow, red, white, pink, blue, purple, and green. People use this plant in various ways, like making food, perfumes, and medicine.

5. Rose Flowers

Exotic flower - Rose Flowers

The rose flowers are the most popular in the world, and that is why the rose flower wears the crown as the king of flowers. Roses are often used as gift flowers since they are rich in symbolism. When you order from Cosmea Gardens, you not only get them fresh, but we also uniquely present them. All our flowers are picked by hand and arranged carefully to suit your event. Since roses are quite delicate, they need to be handled with care. When you present flowers while fresh, your recipient will appreciate them. These flowers have thorns on their stems to keep away anyone trying to pick them. Call it their defense mechanism to maintain their natural beauty.

6. Carnations Flowers

Exotic flower - Carnations Flowers

Don’t strain yourself when looking for the perfect floral gift for Mother’s Day as carnations flowers will work fine. What makes these exotic flowers great for this occasion is their symbolism. Carnations convey motherhood, care, and unconventional love. These are some of the virtues that our mothers have, making them great gifts for our mothers on Mother’s Day. Carnations flowers are also famous because Christians believe that they grew where Mary, who was the mother of Jesus, cried and dropped her tears. You can order or send carnations as flower arrangements from Cosmea Gardens. They make perfect bouquets and décor due to the numerous hues they come in. If you don’t like them alone in a bouquet or arrangement, you can mix them with other types of flowers. Besides Mother’s Day, you can also use carnations as Thanksgiving flowers or birthday flowers. We also offer custom bouquets if you want.

7. Oriental Lily

Exotic flower - Oriental Lily

Known for their cute dots and ruffled edged petals, oriental lily flowers are the best when arranging flowers. You can find these flowers as red empire lilies or as the stargazer lily flowers. The two varieties of oriental lilies have distinctive looks that range from white oriental lilies to pink oriental lilies. You can count on Cosmea Gardens for the best custom oriental lily flowers for your event. We don’t just rush to send gifts. We take time to ensure that the gift that you have just ordered has tailored to your satisfaction. When it comes to flowers and other gifts, we won’t let you down.

8. Alstroemeria Flowers

Exotic flower - Alstroemeria FlowersNo matter what event you’ve got coming, Alstroemeria flowers will do justice to it. The different hues that these great flowers have are what make them perfect for all occasions. Whether it’s Christmas or you want romantic flowers for your wedding, these exotic flowers will work out just fine. Among the colors that you are going to find them in are lavender, golden, apricot yellow, purple, pink, and red. Cosmea Gardens offers you a wide range of custom flowers like white Alstroemeria for sad events like funerals. You have to know what different kinds of flowers mean before sending them. It will prevent you from sending flowers for sad moments on a happy occasion. We know that not everyone understands what flowers mean, and that is why we offer advice on the best exotic flowers for particular events.

9. Chrysanthemum Flowers

Exotic flower - Chrysanthemum Flowers

Also known as mums, chrysanthemum flowers make perfect floral gifts to send to a loved one or a friend this festive season. You can try out our lovely mixture of yellow mums and red roses. We make all our gifts stand out by crafting them according to your desires. If you feel like your gift won’t make it in time, you should also know that Cosmea Gardens delivers gifts on the same day if you order early. Mums stand out due to their different unique blooms. You can get pom-poms, daisy-like, buttons, or decorative. The different blooms also come in various colors, making these flowers perfect for any event. You will find all our flowers quite affordable and pocket friendly. It applies to all our chrysanthemum flowers.

10. Gardenia flowers

Exotic flower - Gardenia flowers

If you are not careful, you think that these flowers are roses because they look almost the same. Gardenia flowers have bright and big white petals that have calming scents. Their fragrance is quite strong such that the third neighbor to your house may smell them if you have it in your garden. It has commonly found in Asia, mostly in Korea, Japan, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China. Besides helping in inducing better sleep, they also convey protection, purity, innocence, love, and self-reflection.

11. Anthurium

Exotic flower - Anthurium

If you come across these flowers, you will find out that anthurium flowers have a weird look. These flowers originated from Argentina and Mexico. Anthurium flowers are commonly used in weddings to decorate the venue or as basket flowers. In general, you will get them in red, pink, or white. If you decide to send these flowers, you would wish your recipient abundance, hospitality, and happiness.

12. Zamioculcas

Exotic flower - Zamioculcas

Do you want to surprise your boss or colleague with a beautiful office gift? Well, you can try the zamioculcas plant, which is an indoor plant that requires little maintenance. You just need to put it in a sweet ceramic pot and water it gently once in a while. You can also use it, in any event, you plan to have. If you find Zamioculcas, zamiifolia hard to pronounce, you can call it the ZZ plant or aroid palm, as it has commonly called. This plant came from the dry grassland and forest in Eastern Africa. The plant grows up to 3 inches tall and doesn’t have a stem. It is quite attractive since it is evergreen with compound leaves that rise from its rhizomes.

13. Sansevieria

Exotic flower - Sansevieria

If you are not entirely knowledgeable about plants, you are going to love Sansevieria. This plant makes a great corporate gift since it is very easy to take care of, needs little water, and spreads fast.

14. Cheerful Surprise

Exotic flower - Cheerful Surprise

When you have tried almost any floral gifts in the past and run out of ideas, our stunning looking Cheerful Surprise will come to your rescue. It is a perfect gift with or without an event. It has made up of a charming mix of orange, red, and green flowers. You can use these flowers to cheer up a sick friend or a loved one or anyone going through a hard day.

15. Rosalinda

Exotic flower - Rosalinda

Want to show that beautiful girl how much she means to you? Then what you need for that lovely bouquet of Rosalinda. These romantic flowers in a bouquet have made up of all the flowers that any girl would adore. The best thing about this bouquet is how we have tied it carefully, containing variations of white and pink colors.


No one can resist the sight of beautiful flowers. When presented as floral gifts, we make them even better. You can’t go wrong with these exotic flowers from CosmeaGardens. We value all our clients, so we always take our time to create awesome gifts that impress no matter the occasion. You can rest secure that your gift will reach your loved one perfectly when you order from us. As you plan to send flowers, ensure that you know what message you want to send. Don’t just flowers because they look good; know their meaning first?

Always settle for exotic flowers because they are easy to find and can adapt to any climate. Go for multiple color blooms for a happy occasion such as a birthday party, wedding, or Thanksgiving. For romantic flowers, you can go for any red or pink blooms, especially roses. Tulips also make great romantic flowers. If you want to comfort someone going through a sorrowful moment, you can pick white bouquets and arrangements. Besides flowers, CosmeaGardens also offers all sorts of gifts for all kinds of events.


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