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70 Anniversary Wishes for Your Loved Ones featured image

70 Anniversary Wishes for Your Loved Ones

An anniversary is any day you celebrate to make a year or several years of dating, engagement, moving in together, or marriage. It’s an important day, so you need to find ways and gifts to make the experience fun and exciting. This is because you are marking a milestone in your life as partners.

When having fun in the company of each other, time flies very fast. It is important to appreciate your partner with various gifts of Love, including a handwritten card on your anniversary. As your anniversary fast approaches, take some time to think of what your partner means to you and the good moments you have shared.

Give yourself quality time to collect your thoughts as it will help you write special handwritten happy anniversary wishes. In a couple’s life, anniversaries matter a lot. Besides marking, they officially decided to date; an anniversary helps them to understand what brought them together. It helps couples know why they fell in Love. Pondering on this helps in strengthening their relationship.

One unique way of sending well wishes to your friends and family who are having an anniversary is by sharing with them anecdotes of cherished memories with the couple.

It can be a story of a road trip they took or a funny story of where and when they first met. You can also write about something that stuck out on their wedding day that was never talked about before.

This is a perfect way to tell your parents, friends, or siblings that you cherish their relationship as a couple. For inspiration, you can use the happy anniversary quotes below if you are not gifted with witty words to express yourself. Feel free to use the jump to the menu if you have a particular couple in mind if you don’t want to go through them all.

Impress your life partner with a bouquet as you celebrate your anniversary. To make it better, include a home-printed card with handwritten happy anniversary wishes. This is a gesture that they will cherish forever.

What to Write In An Anniversary Card

anniversary wishes - What to write in Anniversary card

Since all relationships are not the same, always think about the recipient as you tailor your card. Use encouraging, funny, or romantic words to express what is in your heart based on the relationship you have with the recipient. Below are steps you can follow while writing your anniversary card.

1. Greetings

The first thing you need to do is to address the recipient with proper greetings. If you are writing it for a friend or someone you are acquainted with, use their first names. For your partner, you can address him or her with a term of endearment or a nickname that you are both familiar with. A card meant for your parents should be addressed as “Mom and Dad” or “My loving grandparents” for your grandparents. This will make them feel honored from the start.

2. Meaningful Quote

When you are done with greetings, you can add a quote or a short happy anniversary message as you start with your wishes. If you can, pick a card that already has a quote. Or, you can pick one or two that we have given below.

3. Personal Message

The thought behind the card is what makes the card significant. Whatever you decide to write on your card, ensure that the words are coming from your heart. For your life partner, a card offers you a chance to express to him or her what they mean to you. It is also a perfect way to tell them how thankful you are that you are together. When sending a card to another couple, tell them how their relationship has positively affected yours and that you wish them a long life together.

4. Mention Milestones

Not to say that all anniversaries are not important, but it’s good to pay attention to milestone anniversaries. Milestone anniversaries include the first, fifth, 10th, 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, and 75th year. Mention this in the card as you congratulate them on the milestone achieved.

5. Specific Encouragement

Remember to include well wishes to your card. By wishing them well in their relationship, you also encourage them to stay strong during hard times.


When wrapping up, don’t forget to do so with warmth. A simple closing like “With love” or “Congratulations” will work out just fine.

We have given you steps to follow when writing your anniversary card. Now let’s move on to quotes and messages that you can draw your inspiration from are you write your printable anniversary card.

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary wishes - Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Romantic messages are meant for ceremonies such as wedding anniversaries for couples who are joined together in marriage. Couples will appreciate them a lot because they are quite romantic and sweet. Such messages are meant to say kudos to the couple who have just completed a milestone and also wish them well in their marriage as they look forward to another milestone.

To compose an original wedding anniversary, think of the five lovely words that the couple reminds you of. You can also think of five words that you think of when you see your life partner. Some of the romantic terns that you can think of are funny, beautiful, match made in heaven, or commitment. These words will help you easily compose romantic wishes to your partner or other couples. Another great way to drive the point home is by selecting a happy anniversary message from our funny and romantic messages.

You can personalize most of these messages if you like, and we won’t mind. Edit them to suit you. We will keep it a secret, and no one will know.

1. “Love, joy, and laughter have defined your marriage in the past decade. I pray that the feature brings more of that in your lives as you continue this long life journey. As you celebrate your wedding anniversary, may happiness be your potion.”

2. “I wish the perfect couple a perfect day as you mark your anniversary.”

3. “The love that the two of you share makes you shine. I pray that the light shines even brighter today and many years to come.”

4. “The strong love that you share on your wedding anniversary will forever shine as you grow old together.”

5. “Congrats as you celebrate another year of falling deeply in love with one another. Happy anniversary.”

6. “May each day that pass brings more joy and fulfillment in your marriage! Happy anniversary.”

Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

Anniversary wishes - Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

Do you want to make your husband feel like a king as you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Here are some sweet messages that you can include in your wedding anniversary card…

7. “As we celebrate our wedding anniversary, I want to say how much I enjoy annoying you and promise to continue doing so forever till death do us part! Happy anniversary, honey.”

8. “There goes another year that was full of excitement and awesome memories.

Happy anniversary, [Name]. May the coming year grant us another chance to know each other more as we build our marriage.”

9. “You have made me better throughout the 15 years we’ve stayed together! Happy anniversary to us, darling!”

10. “It’s hard for me to find the right words to express my deep love for you. Thank you for having me by your side.”

11. “I can’t believe that I still have the man of my dreams here with me as we celebrate our 10th anniversary! I appreciate your presence in my life.”

12. “You are not my number one. You are the only one in my life.”

13. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would fall in Love with you sooner so that I could have you longer in my life.”

14. “Your Love is always a breath of fresh air amid lost hope and discouragement. Where would I be without you?

15. “I appreciate another great year of Love that is ending. I promise to love you more in the next 365 days.”

16. “You still make my heart skip a bit after all the years we’ve been together.”

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

Anniversary wishes - Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

Express your appreciation and undying Love to your wife using romantic words. Can’t find the right words to express yourself? You can use these meaningful, happy anniversary quotes to break down what you feel for her. Including these quotes in the anniversary card, you plan to send will make her fall in love with you once again.

17. “I want you to know that your presence in my life is worth more than you will ever know. As we celebrate this anniversary and more to come, know that I will always love you.”

18. “Seriously, picking you to be my wife was the best decision in my life. I will do it over and over again without second thoughts.”

19. “I am the luckiest man alive calling you my wife! Happy anniversary, [Name]!”

20. “Having you by my side is a blessing and a miracle altogether! Happy anniversary my better half.”

21. It is quite rare to find a fairytale romance turning into a perfect marriage. That is what we share with you.”

22. We don’t always read from the same page, but what matters is that our Love is on the same page.

23. Your strength as a woman is what keeps me going every day. Your beauty is unmatched, and I would look anywhere else to find Love.

24. Getting down on one knee to propose to you and you saying yes was the wisest decision we ever made in our lives. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

25. The simple walks in the park and each romantic dinner we’ve had together was pure magic! Thank you for your presence in my life.

26. “In case you ever foolishly forget: I am not thinking of you.” — Virginia Woolf

27. “Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.” — Anonymous

28. I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you.” — Ben Folds

29. “It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his beauty or perceive a sense of his worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” — John Joseph Powell

30. “Where would I be without you? A dark and lonely place, I guess. May that day never come. Happy anniversary dear.”

31. “Your face is still the best to look at, even when we wake up! I would wish for anyone else.”

32. “Happy anniversary to my life companion and best friend. A toast to my best half!”

33. “[Name], I’m still puzzled by how I managed to marry a person as gorgeous and beautiful as you. I’m afraid of pitching myself to discover that it was only a dream. If it’s a dream, please, don’t wake me up! Happy 5th wedding anniversary, gorgeous.”

Anniversary Wishes for Parents or Grandparents

Anniversary wishes - Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Wife

The people who need to set a good example for us in our marriages are our parents and grandchildren. Congratulating your parents or grandparents during their anniversary celebration is a great way to appreciate and honor them. A couple that stays together in marriage in their old age is viewed as a blessing. Grandparents are led by a good example and deserve your honor. “The pressure you put on me to take care of my marriage has yielded fruits. Happy anniversary Mum and Dad.”

34. “Knowing what you want your future to look like as a couple takes a lot of time for most couples. I had it easy because I learned from you, my parents/mentors. Happy anniversary my wonderful parents.”

35.Iappreciate the many years you guided me on how to make Love last.

36. I pray that the only challenge in your life as you grow old will be making every anniversary better than the previous ones.

37. When I look at the two of you and how you kept your marriage, I realize that fairytales can happen in real life.

38. Kids take a lot of time to know what they want in life. Thanks to you, it has taken me a few minutes to know that I want my life to be just like yours.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Friends or Siblings

 Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Friends

You don’t need to be so formal when writing anniversary cards to your siblings. Choose from the happy anniversary quotes below to compose happy anniversary wishes for your brother or sister.

39. “It’s hard to believe that ten years have passed since my little brother, who followed me around, got married! You made me proud. Have a happy anniversary, little bro.

40. “It seems like just the other day when you two started dating, and now it’s been ten years since you got married. I admire you two. May you live to celebrate 100 more anniversaries.”

41. “It’s your first wedding anniversary, and I wish you plenty more in the future! Happy anniversary little sis.”

42. You two lovebirds inspire me by the way you love and care for one another. Happy 30th anniversary!”

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43. Happy anniversary, and congrats on your 15th anniversary! May you continue to shower one another with love and affection.

44. Falling in Love is easy but staying in Love is not. You two were just meant to be. Happy anniversary.

45. Sometimes, your Love is hot like Tango, and other times it’s slow like Waltz. Other times it’s soulful, like Jazzwhile sometimes it’s peppy like salsa. Whatever you’ve gone through until now, what matters is that you are still together. Happy anniversary big sister.

46. While many couples believe that being perfect means being flawless. But for a great couple like you, accepting each other’s flaws makes you perfect. Have a superb anniversary!

47. “I love the fact that both of you are different but still love and cherish one another. I pray that next year things will turn up another notch.”

48. “You have both touched my life as a sister and brother in law.

49. When celebrating an anniversary, you reflect on what you have accomplished in the past milestone, promises that were made and fulfilled, and what you expect the future to be like. Cherish one another and may you love and care for one another till death snatches one of you.

Anniversary Wishes for Your Daughter

Anniversary wishes - Anniversary Wishes for Your Daughter

Your daughter and the Love of her life could use a happy anniversary message of congrats on their wedding anniversary.

If you also have a granddaughter, sending her and her spouse, a home-printed anniversary card is an awesome idea. A word of encouragement from grandma or mother would lift her spirits during hard times.

Anniversary Messages Sent to Daughters

50. Your Dad and I would like to wish you a happy anniversary this lovely day. May you live to cherish one another in the many years that are ahead of you.

51. You two make a perfect couple. Happy Anniversary!

52. As you reflect on what you’ve gone through since you got married, remember that we love you, and may you live for one another. We are confident that you are happy with your spouse now that you are marking your first wedding anniversary.

54. Finding the perfect person in your life wasn’t that easy. We pray that your Love never fades as you grow old. We trust that he will keep you happy always.

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary wishes - Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes

If you have a great sense of humor or you know someone who does, these funny wedding anniversary wishes are going to be perfect for you.

55. “knowing what your partner likes in bed is the secret behind a joyous marriage. In most cases, it’s a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.”

56. “Sometimes, it’s hard to understand how you put up with me, but I also put up with you! But I also put up with you. Call it even. Happy anniversary dear!

57. “Having you two around is so much fun! Please can I adopt you?”

58. “The two of you go well together like flies and soup! Have a blast on your anniversary.”

59. “I love you for three reasons only. One is that you make a good cup of coffee, you laugh at my dry jokes, and you pay for cable! I hope I find other reasons this year! Happy anniversary.”

60. “It was cony, but it was also meant to be. Best crazy couple ever!”

61. “Well done for keeping up with me. Let’s see if you will see it next year! Happy first-anniversary, dear!”

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Your Anniversary Card

Anniversary wishes - Wedding Anniversary Quotes for Your Anniversary Card

The amazing idea is to include a romantic quote about marriage and Love

with your happy wedding anniversary wishes. A quote will resonate well with the couple or your better half.

62. “Real stories of real love never end.” – Richard Bach

63. “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

64. “Sexiness wears thin after a while, and beauty fades. But to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day, now that’s a real treat.” – Joanne Woodward

65. “Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.” – Anonymous

Happy 50th Anniversary Wishes for a friendly couple

Anniversary wishes - Happy 50th Anniversary Wishes for a friendly couple

Also known as a golden year, the 50thAnniversary is an awesome year to mark as a milestone. The following messages are perfect for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

66. “I congratulate you for the golden year you are celebrating in marriage. May you live to mark fifty more years! Happy anniversary!”

67. Here are my warm wishes for your 50th anniversary, and may the Almighty grant you happier years.

68. As my best friends and favorite couple, I pray that we stick together as you grow old and have lots of grandchildren. Happy anniversary!

69. You are the perfect example that real Love exists, and you are an inspiration to others. Keep shining the light for others to follow! Have a great time as you celebrate your golden year in marriage.

70. As you mark a great golden 50th anniversary, may happiness be a part of your marriage always. No couple comes close to you.

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anniversary wishes - Cheerful Thoughts

A couple will love our awesome wedding anniversary wishes gift of Red Roses and pink tulips, along with assorted greenery and green chrysanthemum, hand-tied and placed in a water container.

Rainbow Rose Bouquet – €34.99 – €64.99

anniversary wishes - Rainbow Rose Bouquet

Impress your better half with this delightful bouquet of twelve mixed color Roses as a gift for your Love.

Private: Red Velvet – €37- €67

anniversary wishes - Red Velvet

How lovely is this a combination of red roses and pink tulips for the one you love (Vase is not included)?

Luxury Single Rose – 15.00 – 25.00

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A Premium Gift for someone special. A Red Rose delivered in a luxury Presentation  Box tied with Ribbon. Available Only in Green & Pink Colour.


We have helped you find the perfect message to write on your wedding anniversary card. We hope you liked them. You also need to know how to plan an awesome wedding anniversary party, so here are great 30th birthday ideas to help you. They will make your celebration fantastic and memorable. You can also check out these impressive happy mothers day images.

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